How To Remove Account Resolution Services (ARS) From Your Credit

How To Remove Account Resolution Services (ARS) From Your Credit

Is ARS Account Resolution Services calling or sending letters to you about a debt you owe to a medical provider?

If you’ve been contacted by the company or your credit score has dropped after ARS showed up on your credit report, it’s important to reach out to the company to resolve the situation.

When it comes to removing a debt collection agency from your credit report, some strategies are more effective than others.

Read on to learn just what Account Resolution Services is and how best to deal with the collection agency and repair your credit score.

What Is ARS on My Credit Report?

Account Resolution Services is a debt collection agency, a third-party entity that buys ownership of debts from companies and collects from the debtor.

Account Resolution Services is also known as ARS and may show up on your credit report under both of those names, as well as several others specific to the businesses who issued the debts.

ARS is a small and less-known operation in comparison to others in the industry, but it is a legitimate agency that you need to respond to.

The company is based in Sunrise, Florida.

How Does Account Resolution Services Work?

Account Resolution Services makes money by purchasing debts from companies after their attempts at collection are unfruitful.

ARS is able to buy the debts for a fraction of what they’re worth, easily profiting whenever they collect from a debtor.

ARS may call, text, email, or send letters to individuals whose debts they have purchased.

Account Resolution Services collects debts for providers in the healthcare industry, though they don’t specify what all hospitals and providers are included.

How to Remove Account Resolution Services from Your Credit Report

If ARS claims that you owe them money, there are more negative repercussions than your phone blowing up.

A collections agency account can wreak havoc on your credit score and continue to do so for years if you don’t take action.

Fortunately, removing a debt collection agency from your credit report is simple, with the three options below.

1. Send ARS a Debt Validation Letter

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires debt collection agencies to supply proof of the debt you owe, if you request it.

Sometimes, collection agencies don’t actually have substantial documentation from the company they purchase your debt from.

In other cases, you may have been assigned the debt in error.

A basic validation letter can clear things up easily, and it may lead to the cancellation of your debt and removal of it from your credit report.

The key to this strategy is submitting the letter within 30 days of first hearing from ARS.

If it’s been longer than a month, you may have to pay up.

2. Negotiate a Payment to Remove the Collection from Your Report

If your debt is legit and step one doesn’t work, it’s time to negotiate with ARS.

Collection agencies score debts for such a bargain that they’re usually very willing to agree to a negotiation for a lower price.

Again, you should do your negotiating on paper so everything is documented. This ensures that the agency will remove the account from your credit report in exchange for a partial payment.

You can make payments to ARS by reaching out to one of its agents or using the agency website’s online payment portal.

If your settlement of the account is not reflected on your credit report after 30 days, you should write another letter to ensure ARS is upholding its end of the agreement.

3. Use a Professional Credit Repair Company to Deal with ARS

If you dread the thought of writing debt validation letters and negotiating payments with debt collection representatives, you have another option.

Credit repair companies make disputing debts, negotiating with creditors, and fixing your credit score a breeze.

One of our top picks for credit repair is Credit Saint. The company is highly qualified to deal with debt collection agencies, lifting the burden from your shoulders.

They’re also likely to garner results more quickly than you could on your own, working around the clock on your behalf.

If you missed a medical bill somewhere along the line, it doesn’t have to destroy your credit score for the next decade.

With the steps above and companies like Credit Saint ready to go to bat for you, you can put an end to Account Resolution Services’ calls and their presence on your credit report.

How to Deal with Account Resolution Services

ARS has amassed hundreds of complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The BBB has also given the agency an “F” rating.

Several of the complaints directed at ARS have to do with the company failing to respond to debt validation requests. Other complaints cite faulty reporting.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, consumers are protected from the issues above, along with disrespectful practices like calling you outside of business hours.

It’s important to make ARS aware that you know your rights under the Act and to document all of your interactions in writing.

Letters diminish the risk of a miscommunication between you and the agency, hold them to their negotiations, and protect you from legal action.

That should stop the collection agency from harassing you over the phone, too.

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